Affiliate Program


We provide you with:

      - 7% Referral Commission
      - Revolutionary Hybrid Payouts (CPA + Lifetime Rebates)
      - Customizable Multilingual Banners
      - Detailed State-of-the-Art Reporting
      - Free Localized Articles and Market Reviews
      - Free Educational Videos and Tutorials

Investor Referral Program

Trading Assets Limited takes care of it members, It doesn't matter if you invested or you're just an active member the program is for everyone

Everybody has a unique opportunity to receive high monthly profits, even without making his own contribution or investing his own money. Besides an ordinary referral commissions, our active members will get additional bonuses.

Trading Asset Limited offers 7% bonus referral program. You will receive 7% commissions from very deposit made by a client that registered under your referral link.

You can earn money through the affiliate program by becoming a country representaative. You can invite your friends and family members to make investment through your link, you can also build your own team to promote
Here are the methods you can use for your affiliate activity:

  • 1. Email sending. Invite your friends and relatives by sending them your referral link
  • 2. Forums. Post your link in some discussion or have your reflink attached to your profile as a signature
  • 3. Social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram for attracting more people to our project
  • 4. Video hostings. Make your own video and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.
  • 5. IRC. Use Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype
  • 6. Post a review for our program at your personal blog

NOTE: Trading Asset Limited Admin do not support/tolerate spamming as an appropriate promotional method.
Trading Asset Limited referral program is ideal for those who don't want to invest. You can simply share the link, advertise it, and enjoy the bonus from your referrals.

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